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May 1, 2014

Welcome to the Shakespeare’s Beehive Blog

Welcome to the Shakespeare’s Beehive Blog

The last chapter in our book, “My Darling” (followed by an Afterword, a citing of sources, and concluding notes), ends with the bold assertion that, when it comes to our Baret, “we are confident that it is capable of yielding a great deal more.” Of course, we must admit, that there will also, on occasion, be less. Possible misreadings of annotations, and our own enthusiasm for commonplace word pairings, will be strongly emphasized by those who disagree with our conclusion, as well as by those who may come to support it. As we state several times over in our study, the representation of what we have selected to best support our argument is merely a parceling out from the whole that we managed to uncover. In making our choices, we surely left out many collected examples that were especially good, and included others that might easily have been dropped.

But most importantly, there must be new and wonderful things beyond our own findings, and once the dust has settled a bit following this most surprising announcement, perhaps there will be equal enthusiasm at the sharing of positive discoveries, whether connecting the printed language in Baret and this copy’s annotations to the works of Shakespeare, or to the work of other writers of the period, or even, as we are hopeful, to the hand of Shakespeare himself.

The purpose of this blog is to allow us to selectively respond to what others have written, tweeted, or otherwise made public through communication with the media.

Welcome to the Shakespeare’s Beehive Blog
Welcome to the Shakespeare’s Beehive Blog

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