2018 Beehive Update

Of our own conclusions regarding the annotations in the copy of Baret’s Alvearie that is the basis for Shakespeare’s Beehive, two have proven resistant to criticism:

1. No individual created any annotations with the intention of making it look like this was Shakespeare’s dictionary.

2. No individual left behind any annotations that could be reasonably construed as a contemporary, or later, effort at examining Shakespeare’s life or work.

Of our much weightier conclusion – that Shakespeare himself was responsible for the annotations – well, that’s another story.

We hope that this condensed supplement serves as a means for renewing interest in our argument for those who are familiar with it, and to encourage others to look into our findings for the first time. The examples highlighted in this supplement were discovered after the publication of the second edition of Shakespeare’s Beehive, and are being shared here publicly for the first time.

Click to Download the 2018 Beehive Update (24 Pages)